Scott’s “Vision for Virginia” is simple: “Virginia must lead the way in protecting the Constitutional rights of all of our citizens, the vitality and prosperity of our families, the growth and success of all businesses, and the safety of our communities.”

 As your Delegate, I will…

    • Press for bold reform in Virginia that actually reduces intrusion of all levels of government in the lives of our hard working citizens and the businesses that employ them.
    • Continue to insist on balanced budgets that are fiscally responsible and focused on keeping taxes low and controlling spending.
    • Seek innovative improvements in transportation and education.
    • Enhance public safety in our schools, neighborhoods, and communities.
    • Press for audits of all of Virginia’s agencies and divisions to ensure efficiency and eliminate waste, fraud, and abuse.
    • Work to provide businesses in manufacturing, agriculture and energy the greatest consideration and opportunity to prosper and grow in Virginia.
    • Oppose the overreach of the Federal Government in the affairs of Virginia and actively work to stop unconstitutional Federal mandates on Virginia businesses and citizens.

 These Core Principles guide Scott’s Vision for Virginia…

    • That faith, family, and freedom are essential to the prosperity of our Commonwealth.
    • That the elected representatives of all levels of government must be held accountable to the people because we serve you.
    • That Promises Made are Promises Kept, Scott’s standard for Leadership.
    • That conservative governance is the best guarantor of liberty and the free market. That less government, lower taxes, and more freedom will expand opportunity for all of our citizens.
    • That a true leader listens to all, remains focused on the constitutional responsibilities of government and endeavors to make all decisions based on the will of the people.